Our Team

Executive Board

  • Business Manager
    Mike Ryan
  • President
    Mike Belanger
  • Vice President
    Geoff Nicholson
  • Recording Secretary
    Ross Milne
  • Secretary Treasurer
    Denis Larcher
  • Executive Board Member
    Malcom Moffatt
  • Executive Board Member
    Hank Beaven

Business Representatives & Support Staff

The Executive Board of Local 493 is elected by its membership every four years. The Business Manager, by virtue of his or her position, is the only full-time paid position. Business representatives and support staff are retained by the Executive Board and are the responsibility of the Business Manager.

Business Representatives

  • Denis Larcher
  • Malcom Moffatt

CECOF Organizers

  • Geoff Nicholson (705) 690-5958
  • Mac Moffatt  (705) 698-7991
  • Gilles Mc Donald (705) 698-6385

Office Staff

  • Bookkeeper
    Lorna McLaughlin
  • Dispatcher/Administrative
    Nina David

Training Staff

  • Training Coordinator
    Cliff (Kip) Ryan
  • Trainers
    Lee Cole
    Hank Beaven
  • Training Facilitator
    Louise Hawes

Benefit Department

  • Director of Benefit Services
    Kelly Ryan, CEBS
  • Benefit Clerk/Accountant
    Valkyrie Clark